Why am I seeing the see full description button on my eBay listing template?

The answer to this is fairly simple. eBay had to eliminate active content to better protect their customers. Misfortunate but some people were using the eBay platform for illegal gain. So now you want to know if you fix it. The answer to this is maybe if you are using javascript in your code it is definitely harder and you may have to eliminate some code to be successful. You can, however, fix some javascript issues with cascading style sheets CSS. I would suggest using a professional to do this as some of the answers are complex even to a professional. Now for those of you not using any javascript, I am confident I can help you get your eBay listing back to its original format. Let's look at the 2 most common issues causing the errors.

Where you host your images is a huge factor. I know a lot of you were using Photobucket, and what happened there I have no comment. But you will be glad to know there are a ton of free alternatives out there, my favorite and am in no way affiliated with How you fix your image errors is fairly straightforward and is just a matter of using a secure server. If you are using a server that looks like this it is wrong and should look like this As you can see the only difference here is the https:// which tells search engines that it is a trusted site. So your first task is to fix these images and also remember to use direct links.

The next issue is linking. So you want to allow your customers to visit your store in an attempt to make a sale. How you do this is vital as redirects outside of eBay is not a good idea. We actually wrote code in our free software to not allow redirects outside of eBay. Once you leave the eBay platform you may be vulnerable to a mass of trouble. So now let's look at your links most of yours will look like this

and this is wrong. If we do this way your page will open within an iframe, not a new page. So lets fix that with this 

now your link will open a new window. Place the target _blank attribute after every link in your file.


I am hoping this brief tutorial has answered any questions and helped a lot of you out. Just two very easy fixes will get you back. If any of you are having any issues after fixing the above two don't hesitate to contact me on facebook or send me a message here on the site. If you are having another issue let me know I'll try my best to find a solution and post the answer here so we may help others.